Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we Insure Commercial Deductibles?

A: Presently we only Insure Personal Deductibles.

Q: What type of Personal Deductibles do you insure?

A: We insure: Home, Seasonal Residence, Personal Vehicles including 1500 series - 1/2 ton pickups, Motorcycles, Boats, Trailers, ATV’s, and Snowmobiles. We do not insure Personal Vehicles exceeding 1500 series – 1/2 Ton Pickups, or 1500 Series Vehicles used for Commercial/Industrial Purposes.

Q: What are my options for paying for a policy?

A: We only take Visa or Master Card credit cards and all transactions are done online through Moneris's secured web page. We have Monthly and Annual payment options.

Q: Do you insure Farm Deductibles?

A: Farm houses and car garages are ok to insure but not farm buildings.

Q: Do you insure Farm Vehicles?

A: We insure Farm trucks no bigger than 1500 type models - 1/2 ton pickups.

Q: Do you insure Collector Cars?

A: Yes, we insure the deductibles on Collector Cars to a maximum of $2500.

Q: Do you insure Rented houses?

A: Yes we insure rented houses as long as it has only been rented out to a single family or individual. If the insured lives in the house, they can also rent it out as long as it is to a single family or individual.

Q: Do you Insure tenant packages or Condos?

A: Yes, as long as they are built for personal occupancy.

Q: What if I have multiple deductibles Like Collision and Comprehensive and they are different?

A: In the case of multiple deductibles on a single deductible type like a car we suggest you increase the deductibles to be the same and to at least $500. Increasing the deductible will lower your primary insurance payment amount, which can be applied to the Deductible Reimbursement Insurance.

Q: Can I make changes to my policy before its renewal date?

A: Yes you can make additions or to your policy at any time. In the case of an addition you will be asked to make the payment difference when the deductible is added on.

Q: What if my broker doesn't know about your program?

A: You can have your broker Contact us through Brokerage inquires on our website

Q: How do I find a broker that offers your program?

A: You can contact us at and we will get back to you with our nearest broker.