About Prize Indemnity Insurance Inc.

Founded in 1993, licenced only in Ontario and underwritten by Alliance Insurance Company. Our head office is located in Cobourg Ontario. We are now licenced in all provinces except Quebec, where we expect to be licenced soon.

Our specialty is Contingency Insurance, for promotion of products and special events (insurance for hole in one, football kicks, dice rolls, hockey goal in one, etc, etc.etc.) in which we are one of the larger Canadian Managing General Agent’s (M.G.A.’s).

We are proud to have as underwriters Echelon General Insurance Company. We are also “an Open Market Correspondent at Lloyds effected through certain syndicates at Lloyd’s Underwriters”, and several world-wide M.G.A.s with access to policies up to $5,000,000.

We are now excited to launch our new product, DEDUCTIBLE REIMBURSMENT INSURANCE, explained in detail elsewhere on this website.