Personal Lines Underwriting and Claims Rules

Effective March 1st, 2020, the following underwriting and claims rules MUST be followed. NEW BUSINESS AND RENEWALS

  1. All Auto information requested must be completed. License Plate Identification is no longer accepted. The Last 6 Digits of the VIN# is now mandatory.
  2. All Single Auto deductible coverage regardless of the # of vehicles will be at the NEW AUTO RATE. No discounted rates for multiple vehicles.
  3. All single deductible policies must be paid in advance by Credit Card. No monthly payment allowed.
  4. All policies are paid through MONERIS via, Agency bill is not accepted.
  5. All Family Plan premiums are discounted may be paid monthly with no interest charges.
  6. All Personal Trucks of the 1500, 2500 and 3500 Type Models are valid to insure deductibles for personal/recreational use only. I.e. to tow vacation trailers, boats etc. Trucks used for Commercial Use are NOT valid to insure.
  7. All Residence building deductibles may be insured unless it is a Commercial Dwelling Residence such as Boarding House, Apartment/Strata/Condominium, or Commercial/Retail Buildings.
  8. Residence deductibles that have one rented unit and/or are Owner Occupied with one Rental Unit are allowed.
  9. Vehicle deductibles that are leased and under the name of the Auto Company are approved.
  10. Contents for Rental Unit deductibles are covered. Tenants Packages, Apartment Buildings, Condominium/Strata Package.
  11. Rental cars that are hired for pleasure are not valid for Deductible Reimbursement.
  12. Rental Car Deductibles hired due to damage from a claim, in which the original car is on a Deductible Reimbursement Policy is valid for a Rental Car Deductible Claim.
  13. We do not insure Farm Commercial Buildings or Farm equipment such as Tractors, Combines, Headers etc.
  14. We do insure Farm Homes and residential contents deductible.
  15. We do insure 1500 model Farm Truck Deductibles, not used for Commercial purposes.
  16. A claim incident must only have 1 deductible. I.e. cannot have a claim incident with a Collision Deductible, and then have a Glass company replace the windshield broken in the same claim incident and charge a second deductible. Or Hail damages 3 Glass items, that is one deductible. Not 3, only 1 will be paid.
  17. AUTO DEDUCTIBLES - all auto deductibles will have a maximum Windshield Deductible Reimbursement and claim payment of $200, with an option of ZERO Windshield coverage at a reduced rate. All Collision, Comprehensive Claims will have the chosen deductible of $500/$1000/$2500 and claims paid at that deductible.
  18. All Claims incidents must be reported ONLINE within 60 days of the incident.
  19. ALL Claims must be PAID by the primary carrier and the deductible must be have been paid in full by the client prior to Echelon paying the Deductible Claim.
  20. If a client has a loss and the deductible is subtracted from their settlement, it is considered payment of the deductible and therefore covered.