About Deductible Reimbursement Insurance

Deductible Reimbursement Insurance is simple. We insure the deductible for personal auto and personal property.

All clients have insurance policies with a deductible. They only have to show us a paid claim from their existing insurance company which includes their deductible contributions, and we will send them a cheque in the amount of their deductible.

We insure their deductible whether it’s on a House, Seasonal Residence, Cars, Boats, ATV’s, Snowmobile, Trailers or Motorcycles. The deductible is what we insure, not their property.

Our plan offers convenient automatic recurring monthly billing on both Visa and Master Card credit cards. Payments can also be made annually.

How to Become a Registered Broker/Agent

Under the Broker Enquiries option click on Brokerage Application. Fill out the required information and click on Submit. After reviewing your information we will send you a Broker/Agent Agreement. Once completed and submitted we will process your application assigning you a Broker ID, and a User and Administration Login and passwords.

As an administrator you will have the ability to watch both the Broker selling and Broker Administration videos.

The process is extremely simple. You can create a Quote and turn it into a Policy or just add a Policy. Our payment processing is handled through Moneris and we are completely PCI compliant.

Your commissions are laid out in the Broker/Agent agreement